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2 pairs of speakers

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I have two pairs of identical speakers Polk Audio RTi70. Could I use all four as my front speakers. Each pair will have its own amp.  How would that affect imaging and depth. 

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I use two pairs of Energy 22's (with the top pair upside down so that all 4 tweeters are in the middle). In the forums, folks complained about comb filter effects making the sound bad. I spent a lot of time positioning the speakers and have found the sound quite pleasing. At first, the stereo image was a little diffuse (less localized than a single pair), but the sound was so rich that it seemed worth it. I have tamed this diffusion with other things (wall treatment, different cables, speaker placement/toe in/height, and even adding an inexpensive streamer) to good effect. So, I'd say it is worth the effort to experiment. You can always unstack them...

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