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J River Media Jukebox Wont Play WMA


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I use J. River Media Center 15 (the not-free version.)


I just ran a quick test. I converted one Flac file to WMA lossy format and another file to WMA lossless format. I was able to play each file using the File/Open Media File command. I then imported the contents of the folder containing these two files. Both files were imported successfully and showed up in the Audio view. I could play each file by right-clicking on the file in the list choosing play from the context menu.


Can you supply more detail about what you were doing when you observed JRMJ skip a WMA selection? How were the WMA files created?





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Thanks for the swift reply Old Listener!


My music library has always containted loads of WMA, from way back before I even knew about Media Jukebox... Most of them are CD rips, some of them are downloads or given to me by friends, all of them work on other platforms.

When I organise my library by file type, none of the ones with file type WMA play, it instead skips to the next non-WMA file...


Am I the only person to experience this? If I uninstall/reinstall, will I lose my playlists?


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