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Expanded 5CD version of 'Zappa In New York'

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Good news!  I wonder when, where, and how much $ the 96/24 will be when available?


Analog:  VPI Scoutmaster / Shelter 501MkII, Sony XRD1 HD FM, Nakamichi BX-300  Music Server:  i7-6700K/Asus RTX2080 OC Gaming, HQPlayer

DACs:  dCS Debussy, Lampizator Golden Atlantic, McIntosh D150 / MCT450 CD/SACD

Digital Add-ons:  Uptone JS-2s and LPS-1s, ISO REGENS     NAA:  NUCs (2), SoTM SMS-200 Ultra / tX-USB Ultra / Network Switch Clock Mod

Preamp:  McIntosh C500P (SS)   Amp:  McIntosh MC452

Speakers:  Wilson Yvette    Signal Cables:  Transparent Ultra Gen V    Power Cables:  Shunyata and PS Audio

GIK Room Treatments   PS Audio P10 AC Regenerators (2)  Dedicated 20 AMP AC circuit




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