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How to Delete Duplicates in iTunes 8


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Hey your welcome. I'm sure if you are looking for this type of solution there are many many more readers in the same situation.


I'm not currently advertising anywhere. I agree that an article about the site would be great. It would expose many people to this stuff and provide answers that the regular magazines just don't provide.


Hmm, the wheels in my head are turning :-)


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I think this post crosses the line and suggests illegal sharing and copying.


"A friend of mine with a large CD collection and I share music. "


Sorry if my opinion offends, but I have too much interest in computer audio and DRM-free music to allow critics to use this website and a post like this to demand copy protection.


I would suggest that the author edit his original post or this thread be removed. This relatively new website has been somewhat self-policing but perhaps at some point in the future guidelines may have to be posted as to what is allowed or not.


Again, sorry if I offended anyone and no reply to me is necessary since I'm sure this was an unintentional error.




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that program looks neat. How does one get duplicates other then the obvious of uploading the same Cd? Of course one could get dups with a "best of" album and the regular album but other then that, don't know.


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Hi... Just a quick one for everyone because I've been screwing around and trying to delete my itunes duplicates for 2 weeks without a solid answer on any blog... Anywho... Here is what the surrounding story is and how I fixed it...


I bought a new computer...

I saved my music folder along with my ITUNES library files to a separate HD...

I plugged that into my new computer...

Uploaded the files..

Launched ITUNES...


6500 Duplicates


I looked in one of the folders where a duplicate came from (an album folder) I found a .M3U file, found this in a bunch of the cases.

I searched for *.M3U and deleted everything I found.

Then for ones I did not find a .M3U file for I just searched for the song, found it in 2 separate locations, one of which was some duplicate ITUNES directory that must have saved and been copied over.

I deleted that folder.

Went back to the ITUNES folder, deleted the files, relaunched ITUNES

Boom... Fixed... Good luck!



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Choose File > Show Duplicates to show duplicates which have same artist and title. You can also press the Shift key and choose File > Show Exact Duplicates to show exact duplicates. However, you still have to manually select the songs that you don't want to delete. There is a program for Windows to automatically select all songs in duplicates group except one called iDeduper (http://www.ideduper.com).


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