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Hi Out There.


Having taken the plunge and purchased these speakers and a SGC microJukebox, I am keen to figure out what I can do to use the microJukebox with the LSX's.


My story is I needed to down size my day to day speakers for TV and background music, to make more room for the big rig speakers, which will be primarily used for the analog system.


The LSX's do great with TV via optical and Spotify via "wifi", but I have NOT been able to get Kef Stream to see the microJukebox as a media server under "wifi". I see in the Darko review he used a Google Chromecast work around to get ROON, so not sure if I have to do something like this? He only really talked about streaming services as far as I could make out in the review and therefore not sure it is just something that is beyond the speakers capabilities, although clearly having a button in Kef Stream that says "media server", my expectation does not seem unreasonable.


I must admit that I cannot figure out how to use the microJukebox as an analog source via a dedicated DAC into the speakers either, so the problem could simply be my understanding of how a media server works. Hopeful I am just being dumb and missing something obvious to someone familiar with either product. 


I am new to both products so I will be grateful for any help with either product.


Kind Regards



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Well I am now enjoying my old CD collection via the LSX's.


Having used the microJukebox to burn my CD's to the Hard Drive in the machine, I am now using it as a UPnP/DLNA server, using MINIM Server and mconnectLite as a controller and the LSX performing its duties as a DLNA Renderer etc.


I can now swap seamlessly between  using MINIM Server and Spotify over the network and the service provider "basic" modem/router is up to the task of running audio by either source.


Still disappointed that the Kef supplied Stream App really struggled to get past about the 3rd minute before loosing contact with the speakers. I hope it works successfully for anyone with a serious modem/router, however for those of us that don't get through much more than 50GB of data a month and therefore cannot justify a fancy network system, then the combination of Minim Server and mconnectLite is a great alternative.





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