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Pure Audio Blu-ray With mShuttle

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Hey Guys - I'm about to sit through a seminar about Blu-ray audio. Part of this seminar is going to be about mShuttle. This is a new Blu-ray feature that allows users to copy the audio files form the Blu-ray disc over a home network. Users access the Blu-ray player from a computer and copy the files to the local computer from the Blu-ray player. There is no need to "rip" Blu-ray with any complicated or ilegal software.


Granted I would like to be done with physical formats, but this could be a good bridge to the end of physical discs. Plus, labels seem to have some interest in this because it's just like selling CDs or DVDs. The labels know how this business model works and zillions of people already have Blu-rau players.


mShuttle LINK





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formats are FLAC 16/44 or MP3. Any BluRay audio worth having (i.e that is unique to BluRay audio) is very hirez (24/192) and not accessible via mShuttle. Please let us know if you find out differently.


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