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Which HAT for coaxial output?

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I just got my Pi and it's fun to play with, it's running Moode and so far, from what I read and see online all the players look almost the same, of course I can't know how they sound if there is any sound difference among the the various ones (you are free and appreciated to post your personal experience opinions, grazie!), I am trying to figure how to create playlists if there is a way but the next add-on I am looking forward to is a HAT to give me a coaxial output so that I can use the two optical on my DAC (a Beresford Caiman SEG) for the TV and CD player and leave the USB free for on the fly connections like laptop or other devices, question is, since I already own a DAC and don't want to spend a bunch of money on such a device, which one would you advise me to look at taking into account that I want to also add, if I like the whole experience, a board to add a 2.5" drive with a S-ATA to USB adapter so that I don't have to recur to USB dongles or to the NAS (which I still have to figure how to connect since I have some issues with SMB connection).


Also, a board with a stable independent clock generator would be welcome to overcome the shared USB-ETH issue of the Pi (ver. 3B+).


Thanks for your suggestions and have a nice week end




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