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Got my Pi and running it with Moode, some questions...

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It took less than 30 min to have it up and running even tho just with online radios so the questions are:


- I inserted a FAT32 formatted dongle in one of the USB ports on the Pi but Moode doesn't show it among the sources, which file system should be used? SOLVED


- I'd like to use my NAS as a storage for lossless music but so far it seems I don't know how to access the folder where the music is stored, I can use both a SAMBA or an FTP connection off the Pi but am pretty new to this, problem being I don't know how to access a specific folder onto the NAS, when I log onto it I simply type its IP address followed by :8080 and then through the graphical interface I navigate the various options and the file manager with the various folders but dunno how to access a specific folder without the graphical interface, any hint? The NAS is a QNAP.


- I would like to add an SPDIF coaxial output so that I can use the coaxial input on the DAC (so that the two optical can still run the TV screen and the CD player whilst the USB remains available to, say, connect the laptop), which one would you suggest not being a multimillion dollar one?  Mind you, I am running my own external DAC (a Beresford Caiman SEG) so I only need a better output than the Pi's USB, reading about clock being 19.2MHZ on the Pi and as such not a multiple of the 44.1Khz needed, is this big issue into choosing the right HAT?


This is to begin with, once I figure how to connect the external music source I would eventually evaluate a board to host a 2.5" memory storage (either a spinning disc since I have a couple here at home or an SSD) and a case to have a cleaner look and a linear power supply to give enough Ah to power both the Pi and eventual HAT + memory storage in the future.







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