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Recording companies like for example BIS make their recordings in pcm 24/96. They also sell those files for download. Discs are sold as SACD which means the files are converted to DSD64. This is also possible to do in many music servers like JRiver. Some can also do the conversion on the fly during Playback.


  • Question 1: Generellay speaking are there reasons to beleive that it is better to convert the pcm file to dsd first and then play it versus do the conversion on the fly? Why?
  • Question 2: Are there any differences between professional conversion  eqipment/softwere  (pcm -> dsd) and programs used by Roon, JRiver, Foobar etc? How?
  • Question 3: More and more dac's convert all formats to dsd. Generally speaking, what are the big difference on their solutions versus use a pc/laptop/mac to do the same?
  • Question 4: Conversion on the fly requires more CPU than playing "strait". In my case the graph shows average 10-12 % CPU versus 7-8 % without conversion on the fly from 16/44.1 to dsd64. In your opinion, how big processor is really needed? Celeron is known to very stable but can't match i5 and i7 in "power". 8GB or 16 GB?

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