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Integrating Qobuz Trial

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I fortunately have obtained a Qobuz trial.  Is there any way to integrate this into my audio system...using my DAC/Pre/Amp?  I'm using No Machine to access my AL NUC.




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Hi Chris,


You haven't said what player you're running on AudioLinux (assuming that's what you mean by 'AL'), nor which type of Qobuz account  subscription plan you'll be trialling (ie, Premium, Hi-Fi, Studio or Sublime+).


Anyhow, easiest way is to use MPD & upmdcli (if you're not doing so already), so with your AudioLinux NUC as an OpenHome (aka UPnP with Linn extensions) renderer, thus giving it direct access to Qobuz's online server. The user interface would be via the Linn Kazoo app, an OpenHome controller (ie, not No Machine):



Once you've set up the Qobuz trial account, you need to edit upmpdcli's configuration file, located at  /etc/upmpdcli.conf, to set the OpenHome & Qobuz credentials related parameters. Set the following parameters to allow the Linn Kazoo app to interact with upmpdcli on your NUC in order to access Qobuz via your account:

lumincompat = 0




#qobuzuser = [email protected]

#qobuzpass = agoodpassword

qobuzformatid = 27


Note: the qobuzuser & qobuzpass parameters are commented out, so are unused. This is because you need to log into your Qobuz account using the Linn Kazoo app itself. I've also assumed you want to stream up to hi-res quality FLAC, with the qobuzformatid set to 27, assuming you have a Studio or Sublime+ subscription plan; otherwise set the qobuzformatid parameter to: either 7 (for CD resolution FLAC), or 5 (for 320kbps mp3).






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