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Adding Ethernet switch to airport extreme

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My AirPort Extreme’ s ports are all filled.  Need to add more ports via Ethernet switch.  My internet search regarding connection procedure has left me confused as to the proper connection method.  My modem cable should go to the extreme, correct? Then, I should connect a Ethernet cable from any extreme port to the switch, correct?  Then the remaining Ethernet cable from other devices can connect to any other open port whether on the extreme or on the switch?


thanks for any help that can be provided.  I’m less than tech savvy as you can probably tell.

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You are correct. I am assuming that the Airport Extreme behaves as any other router.


I had to go to two switches (Cisco and Netgear) because my first switch ran out of ports. So I connect both switches to my Frontier router and use the Cisco switch for my audio and everything else is connected to the router or the Netgear switch ports.


It should not matter how you connect up the gear, but I like to keep things somewhat organized, hence the dedicated Cisco switch.

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