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Hi everyone, starting this topic as I need so guidance and cant seem to find the answers I need online.


Im currently using an Aries Mini to a DAC, with TIDAL from the Auralic app.


As Im seeing everywhere the fuss around the SOTM Ultra, Ive been getting curious to try it out but havent come to it for the simple reason that I cant seem to figure how I would work with it.

Reason beeing that I dont use  and dont have a computer.


Could one work with the sotm and an app on the ipad?



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Not sure why you haven't found the answers - main info from the online SOtM Eunhasu Manual:

sMS-200 and sMS-200ultra services


The SOtM sMS-200ultra has several services with built-in network streamers and so does not require you to have a computer:

- Combined standard UPnP/DLNA & OpenHome renderer, so very similar to the Auralic Aries Mini. It can provide TIDAL access via a TIDAL supporting controller app: either OpenHome (eg Linn Kazoo, BubbleDS Next, etc) or standard UPnP/DLNA (BubbleUPnP, mConnect Player, etc);

- Squeezelite, a Squeezebox type player. Squeezebox players use the Logitech Media Server application to provide access to your own music files and online music services such as TIDAL, but LMS is also included in the sMS-200ultra, if you have no other network device (eg NAS, desktop computer, Raspberry Pi, etc) to run LMS on. User interface/control is provided via a normal web browser app or Squeezebox controller app (eg iPeng, Orange Squeeze, etc);

- Shairport, an AirPlay receiver/'speaker' (so you could use it to play the audio from the TIDAL app on an iPhone/iPad using AirPlay);

- LibreSpot, a Spotify Connect player (so only for playing music from Spotify with the Spotify app).

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