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All-In-One Headphone Amp

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I just received a pair of Focal Utopia for Christmas (thanks wifey). I need a DAC/amp to go along with it. the dCS Bartok would be an ideal choice but it is outside of my budget currently. I'm thinking of around $2k-3k.


I'd be using it for:

Tidal Streaming

Large Lossless File Library

General PC audio (gaming, primarily FPS)


I'd like to leverage Roon as well.. What are my options? The Moon 390 looks great but too expensive. Auralic Polaris has no headphone output but might be the best option otherwise? Thanks!

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some ideas...


Ayre Codex - $1,800


RME ADI-2 - $1,100


Mytek Liberty DAC - 


Chord Qutest -$1.900


used Bryston BDA-1


iFi Audio Pro iDSD - $2,500; no gapless playback?


Yggy - $2,400 (no DSD)

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