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Audirvana switching outputs problem

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So, the one persistent problem I have with Audirvana is switching the audio system preferences. Right now I have three systems  (1) main ethernet >ultra rendu> Gumby (2) office  iMac > usb>Eitr>qutest ( or imac>optical out >qutest) and (3) bedroom headphone station airport express>ethernet>mrendu>bimby. Switching to the rendus is usually a big hassle where I have to refresh the rendus and ar several times to get ar to recognize the rendu, and sometimes even after I connect to the rendu, ar switches back to eitr.


switching to the eitr from a rendu is less of a problem. However, I have had problems when I have been using the digital optical out from the iMac to feed the qutest. In that case, I have trouble switching to usb/ eitr or the rendus unless I disconnect the optical connection. 


on the other hand, before I got the second rendu, I used raspberry pi which was almost always recognized.


Is this a likely a problem with ar or is there something I am missing here. 


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