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Spdif vs ethernet vs usb.what to choose?

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Hello guys happy new year.hope this year will be the best for all.


so i am a little bit confused.i have a rpi 3 and i am searching for the best way to play music.


usb:one way is usb connection. In the past i  tried to connect 2 micro iusb in line with a linear psu.superb result.also allo have the sparky with usb bridge....but i don't know much..does sparky plays with roon?will be better than spdif signature?


one other option is signature to rpi.good stuff....but i don't see  anybody  to compare it with something else.


finally the last one is ethernet.i want to buy a dac in the future ..the ydrassil.Unfortunately it doesn't have Ethernet.the ethernet connection is the Simplest of all...and maybe better?you told me.


hoping to get some good advices.

thanx in advance.


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Any of those methods will work fine for you. Use whichever is simplest with the rest of your gear.

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