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banana plug wall plate (good or bad?)

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Hopefully this is a simple and uncontroversial question: Is it harmful to sound quality to have a banana plug wall plate into which speaker wires are joined, or is it better for me to just drill a hole and have one continuous set of wires between speakers and amp? My instincts say fewer junctions are better, but aesthetically, the wall (floor?) plates could be nice.


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I'd follow the instinct and the sound logic (pun intended) behind it.


For improved aesthetics, a simulated socket can be used.

If you pry the internal connections out of a TV or antenna wall outlet, you are left with

a tidy wall plate with a round hole in the middle.

If needed, the hole can be enlarged using a round file,

Either the emptied outlet can be installed in the wall, or just the front plate can be glued over the hole, with a bit of silicon glue.




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The guy doing our floors (including the one in the relevant room at some point in the not-too-distant future) is here today and I asked him, so from his point of view, a small hole next to the baseboard (with the wire threaded through) is the way to go. He said that is what he did in his own house. Now I just have to decide whether to put the wiring in the floor or under the house.


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I'd pick the location where it's not running a long length in parallel to & very near a power line, and where it would be easier to replace the cables if needed.


BTW, I ran mine inside a small, square, plastic electricity channel.

It is mounted on the wall, a bit above the floor, and painted with the wall color. It is quite unnoticed, cable replacement is simple, and the cable can by laid inside without any bother regarding the end connections.




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