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Article: CA is now Audiophile Style!

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I don't see mentioned anywhere that I don't like the style of the font. ;)

Kindly regard this as nit picking.


Best is to observe in the blue header (and not the header of this topic),


First off, it is quite "illegal" to have two words with too close similarity (on the font department). This is disconcerting


Then, while it looks like only the degree of tilt is slightly different, the fonts used in both are just different. This is mind boggling (painful).


Yes, I read about the hand-painting. OK. But the "style" seems not to be, while the "audiophile" is. Maybe this is only visible in the capital "A", but it does not matter really. It again disconcerts.


The P had again a different tilt degree than the remainder of the characters (observing the first word only). Both "i"'s relative to each other, same thing.


Because the "Style" is more tilted towards vertical (or maybe because it is more bolded (more thick) anyway, it receives an unwanted emphasis. It now reads as Audiophile Style.

Would it have tilted to the other direction (to the right), it would read as Aúdiophile Style. Emphasis is now on Audiophile and on "Au" within that (it is about this latter only). Notice that Audiophile Style (inherently, to me) reads as "not so stylish, not classy - Westside Story comes to mind.




I realize that most will not be bothered by this, *if* it is seen at all (was, and even now when I point it out it could still be difficult to see). I am most certainly no stylist of any kind (Chris, no need to link to my forum again - haha) but I am massively bothered by such things (if I can't find the reason); If a license place is 0.5mm askew (that's mm, not inch) I will see it when driving behind a car. It bears no reason, and thus it is "wrong". Obviously this is the reason why in many States the license plate is allowed to be absent in the first place. MileHalf.png.508c916ec4dcdbb65037eac11d3ddbda.png






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