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Sonic Studio linear power supply for Metric Halo/Sonic Studio dacs

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I saw a mention somewhere of Sonic Studio showing a new power supply at RMAF (I don't think it shows on their website yet).


Did anyone get to do a A/B comparison with the stock supply at the show?






Source: Pink Faun Ultra - Chord DAVE

Amps: VTV Purifi

Speakers: Trenner and Friedel RA

Cables : JCAT reference USB, Tellerium XLR, Kubula-Sosna Elation speaker

Plus CEC TL 5 Cd transport - Blackcat Tron BNC - Chord DAVE

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If I'm not mistaken, old Metric Halo ULN models require external power supply. For playback, the new models can be Firewire-powered.


Sonics of my ULN-2 either Firewire-powered or adapter-powered is very good.


It would be better in terms of the investment/performance gain to improve other components on the signal paths instead such as the interconnect cables.


Nonetheless, decent cables could cost more than the RMAF adapter.


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to see what the option is and how much if any difference it would make. It would have to make a noticeable difference before I would consider purchasing. I do wonder if taking a switch mode ps off of my electrical system for the sound room would be worth it or not. On the other hand there are options for isolating the dac and the computer more than just what I get with separate dedicated AC runs.


The Model 4 seems to be the least affected by power cords of any of my gear. And whenever I look at that switch mode ps block without an expensive power cord while happily listening to the music I'm a bit amazed at the overall performance it is capable of. So, yes good point, the design and implementation does seem to be well done.


More $ left for music and less fiddling around with equipment is a good thing. And with more enjoyment of the music my mind analyzes the system less but doesn't let go completely as I think that is part of the fun too, but anyway I digress...


Best Regards,




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