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Is the Disc Drive on the Mac Mini good enough?

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I bought a mac-mini early this year & have so far ripped 300-400 cds using apple lossless.

The only real criticism I have so far is that on some cd's it doesn't automatically rip them &/or doesn't eject them when finished. My current best guess is that it may be a bit fussy if the cd's are a bit thinner than usual or maybe the centre-hole is slightly off centre?

I reckon that of the 3-400 I've ripped so far, this has happened maybe 10 times, so its not the end of the world.



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I have had a similar experience as Matt. One thing that I have noticed is that it rips considerably slower than my iMac. I am not sure about Matt's reasoning though. For me if it does not rip, I have to eject and it will often work on the second attempt.



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I found when I decided to rip the remainder of my CDs a few weeks ago that about 50% of the time, the inserted CD did not automount. I used Disk Utility to mount the disk in those cases, and then all was fine. I assumed it was some preference I had wrong, but maybe it is a bug.


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If you've just ripped your library of 900 cds with no problems using a Dell, that sounds like you have a nicely operational system. Why are you looking to change a successful Set-up?

I like the way the Mac-mini works for me, but if I'd just ripped my library, I doubt I'd be wanting to change my system!

The mini starts up quickly & is near- silent in operation. It's going to be with me for years to come, but if your Dell works for you, why change it?



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I have used the last year or so as an experiment in Computer Audio, my Dell is showing it's age in other areas. I also want a new PC or Mac that I can place on my AV rack. My library is a little messy due to trying different formats and media players. I have enough knowledge now to start fresh, with several copies. Hence the plan to move to A new source.


Cheers Craig


C G Bissett

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Hi Craig

One of the BIG deciding factors in choosing a Mac-mini is that it is near-silent in operation & so can easily live on the hifi rack in the music room, with no background computer fan etc noise.

I'm not a long-time Apple fan-boi, but I have to admit that at least as far as music/media is concerned, the Apple stuff just seems to work very easily with minimum fuss & maximum results.

The only downsides are the initial cost, which is significantly higher than buying a normal PC or Laptop &

being labelled a bit of a ponce because its not a real computer blah-blah-blah.

The positives are the, as I say,

ease of use (I'm certainly no computer whizz-kid, but the Apple way of doing things makes conversion over from PC's very easy)

(nearly)Silent operation

Small size & ease of siting on the hifi rack

It just works!

Hope that helps a bit.



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