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2012 Quad Core Mini keeps dropping WIFI?

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Use WIFI connection and Screen Sharing with Mac Book Pro to control the dedicated Mini, music is on a USB external HD.   New high end NetGear WIFI hub is 10ft, through wall (couple of slabs of wallboard), from Mini.  Never drop WIFI on 4 other Mac Books in house.


Can't seem to keep Mini on WIFI network.  Have optimized Energy Saving items so no sleep...have LanScan and Mini just disappears.  Gave it a fixed IP on WIFI network and have tried to wake it up/reach its IP address...to no avail.


Now that we have an Apple forum, wonder if anyone has faced and corrected this issues.  Have the Mini under a large piece of furniture and have to get on hands and knees to manually turn off and restart the Mini, frequently on multiple occasions per day...big PITA!!!


Thanks for any help.


Also wonder if anyone has grabbed a new 6 Core Mini for music?  Use HQPlayer to upconvert to DSD and guessing that it might handle the resource hungry filters better.

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