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This is new for me, but here we go!


I slowly started manufacturing audio PCs with a friend of mine. This joined venture started some time ago with multiple porojects merging into what became a final configuration that delivered what we both wanted.

The effect so far is a dozen units made exactly the same way for people that know me and are located in Europe and USA.

I never tried to commercialize it before, it started as a hobby for my own purpose. We decided to make a nice case so the computer can sit next to our gear and look like a finished grown up device. Name comes from our daughters name 1st letters. Some people tested it and suggested to make it official product, they say it sounds better than any files source they heard so far so here we are.


What it is?

- Basically it is a computer with audio grade Ogonowski transformer, good quality Mundorf and Jantzen capacitors, few good ideas like a pure copper faraday cage boxed PSU and only very high quality parts and cabling. No cutting costs anywhere.

We are using proven hardware like SOtM usb card and HDPLEX.

Case is made of anodized aluminium CNC cut. Computer weight is 10kg (around 20 lbs).


So far I tested it against stuff like dCS network bridge, JAY's audio CDT-3 CD player and Accuphase DP-800 CD with DC-801 DAC.

The Accuphase owner wanted me to build it for him instanlty, to be honest DP-800 and JAY's CD players sound better, but the difference is not something that you could not live with. The owner of DP-800 has my PC now and uses it more often that his player just because its a more versatile device.

I dont want to mention the dCS because its a great company and I am just a guy that made something, but when it comes to low end... dCS sounds limitted.


Cutting to the chase...


What you get?

- Intel i5 CPU with 8GBs of RAM (DDR4)

- 256GB SSD internal drive with preinstalled Daphile Linux

(you can install whatever you feel is better, I can install whatever you want but I will not support the software part)

- 7 USB ports (2x USB 2.0, 4x USB 3.0 for external drives, 1x SOtM USB)

- HDMI for screen connection

- WiFi + ETH networking

- 2 years warranty


PRICE: 2500E shipped in Europe

For USA please ask, shipping can add some money, but nothing crazy.



You can test it free of charge in Europe for a week (you cover shipping).

Demo in USA is also possible, one unit lives happy life in NY area.


Optionally you can get i7, any size SSD drive with as much RAM as you want for cost of part price difference.

We use i5 cpu because it is enough for everything we do in our systems.


In photos you can see my own private unit, it has some scuffs and is not the cleanest, but you get the idea what it looks like.

Power on LED is orange color...


If you have any questions, please send me a message.


Thank you.








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