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Audirvana 3.2.14 "Error: unable to load first track" for TIDAL Streaming

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Haven't been able to load TIDAL for the last three or four Audirvana updates. Tried everything, including a clean install of Audirvana itself. Logged in and out of TIDAL, too. All system outputs are set properly. 

Any ideas?

[Mac OS 10.13.6]

2014 MacMini-->Schiit Bifrost Multibit-->Audioengine A5+

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Any updates to this topic?

I am currently testing an Audirvana Trial version. 

All tracks seem to play correctly from Tidal, except for Norah Jones - MQA versions. 

When trying to play these tracks Audirvana tries to buffer the first song and then stops.


MQA files from other artists play fine.


My set-up: Audirvana on iMac - Catalina --> Hegel H190 DAC via upnp


The same tracks from Norah Jones play correctly on Bluesound.


How to solve this?

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