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High quality DAC - Sneaky DS or NA7004?? Or else??

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Hi, I want to get a high quality DAC/Network renderer/sink to play my recorded

music through. Previously I was set on a Linn Sneaky DS, but the Marantz NA7004 looks very interesting as well. It should be able to play FLAC and WMA, referable at least up to 24/192. Anybody has experience or ideas to share? Budget is about £800. Thanks, Rene.


Cheers, Rene[br]

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The Marantz NA7004 supports the FLAC format at up to a sample rate of 96kHz but goes only to 48kHz with WAV. Also, only a 16-bit word length is supported with WAV format. WMA lossless must be transcoded at the server.


I'd choose the Sneaky if that's in your price range. You might also consider a networked A/V receiver. There are several of these available with better format support than the Marantz that fit in your price range.


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