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Simplicity of computer audio - one minute video


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Since the purchase of my Mini I have been inundated with PMs asking questions about the setup, both here, and on other sites.


The system is truly simple. It requires a a few minutes of setup on day one, and thereafter runs standalone.



*Small and attractive unit for the living room.

*Almost silent, except when ripping.

*The Mini plugs straight into the DAC - no networking.

*An optional external harddrive plugs in the back - no networking.

*iTunes runs as a start-up item so loads by itself.

*The Mini goes to "sleep" after a period of inactivity.

*It can be woken by a button on the rear or by remote.

*iTunes automatically rips a CD losslessly when inserted.

*iTunes tags and adds album art automatically, via the internet.

*iTunes ejects the disc once ripped.

*Music appears instantly on your Touch remote. No rescanning.

*Lossless ripping is perfect.

*The sound quality is limited only by your DAC.

*The Touch Remote App is arguably the nicest interface on the market.

*Once set up, no keyboard, most or screen.

*If maintenance is required, one can access remotely, if they wish.




Anyway, to demonstrate the simplicity I have made a one minute video. It is very amateur, but I hope it will be of use.




Please ask me if you have any questions.


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