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Mac to Headroom Micro DAC connection

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Over the past year, I've downloaded various high res (24 bit, 88.2kHz +, etc.) files to my Mac. I would then burn them to a DVD-A disc and play back via my Oppo DV-981 DVD player. I found out that, in fact, my Headroom Micro DAC (2007 model), will play the higher res files, but not via the Mac's USB port, which is how it's currently connected to my MacBook Pro. They said that I could play the files through the optical out/headphone port on the Mac.


So...thinking that the sound quality through my Headroom Micro Stack should be better than the Oppo player, I've been looking on the web a lot (including here) for opinions on budget optical cables and am considering lifatec, which claims more than enough bandwidth for their plastic cables to carry a high res signal. They've offered to build me a cable with the mini plugs I need on both ends (so I can avoid an adaptor).


So my question for you folks is, given the MacBook Pro's optical signal, do you know what the practical max length of optical cable would be before any adverse effects take place? I'd like to go 10 feet and figure the optical cable would be better than 10 foot analog cable to get to the amp if the DAC were right next to the Mac.





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