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AF1 or RME UFX (Windows 7 x64)

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I'm trying to decide on a new transport. I need to be able to route 192kHz i/o with ASIO for signal monitoring (digital RIAA w/ VST in Wavelab, sonar, etc.) and I can't get a straight answer from anyone.


Weiss advised me to email Vintage King. I never heard back from Vintage King.


The Weiss is a bit cheaper, and is a dedicated transport. It uses only FW400 which means I would have to add a Siig (Texas Int.) PCI-Ex1 card.


The new RME unit has a lot of features I do not need; AD, DA, headphone output, and mic pres. It can use USB 2.0 (or 3.0) and FW400.




I'm leaning towards the Weiss unit given it's track record, aesthetic, and design as a dedicated transport. I assume I would be able to simply assign ASIO in/ASIO out in the audio app. of my choice.




DIGITAL: Windows 7 x64 JRMC19 >Adnaco S3B fiber over USB (battery power)> Auralic Vega > Tortuga LDR custom LPSU > Zu Union Cubes + Deep Hemp Sub


ANALOG: PTP Audio Solid 9 > Audiomods Series V > Audio Technica Art-7 MC > Allnic H1201 > Tortuga LDR > Zu Union Cubes + Deep Hemp Sub


ACCESSORIES: PlatterSpeed, BlackCat cables, Antipodes Cables, Huffman Cables, Feickert Protracter, OMA Graphite mat, JRemote

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