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M2tech Hiface - Attenuation

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Hi all,


I bought the Hiface a few weeks back to take digital files from my Mac (from itunes) to an external DAC via an SPDIF.


As expected, volume control via the Mac keyboard is disabled and attenuation is achieved by my pre-amp. All as I expected so far.


However, I've quite by accident discovered that using the volume control in itunes affects the output volume.


I wouldn't have expected this to be possible. Is it possible to attenuate a digital signal this way? My surprise is also tempered with a little concern that the Hiface and Mac are doing something more than simply sending a digital signal to my DAC.


Enlightenment from anyone who out there who knows of such things really appreciated.


Best regards,






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I too use the hiface, is it the same if one adjusts the preamp setting in the equalizer setting window?


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Cheers for the replies guys, but I'd like a little more by way of explanation....


Just how is the signal being attenuated in itunes? One of the reasons I bought the hiface was that it allowed me to bypass all the internal audio elements in my Mac (which I don't believe are designed with hi-end audio reproduction in mind) and simply use my Mac and itunes as a digital source. It seems however that Itunes still retains some 'influence'....


If anyone can provide an explanation, that would be swell!


Best to all,




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Cheers, but how is 'volume' even a possibility? And the suggestion that one must keep it at 100% and the EQ off makes me think that itunes is doing rather more than simply sending a digital file to my DAC for that to do its work.


Is there anyone who can explain, please, rather than a 'keep calm and carry on'.....!






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Hi Cris. I read a little while back that by-passing the pre-pro and going directly into the amp was the favored way to go. That is, using the Pure Music volume control to set the volume level. Is this not a good idea? The reason that I ask is because, as you adjust the volume level on PM, the volume slide on iTunes moves up and down as well.




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At 100% volume, the original samples go out grilled to bit perfection. As the volume decreases the sample values got decreased mercilessly, limiting the dynamic range. Not recommended. And now...






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