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Suggested aes/ebu digital cable connecting SlimDevices Transporter to Weiss Dac 202

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Dear all,


I will be getting the Weiss DAC 202 shortly. I am using SlimDevices Transporter as the transport and plan to hook up the Weiss DAC 202 via AES/EBU.


I would like to see if there are any recommendation for any AES/EBU cable in the price range: (i) USD 250 - 500; and (ii) USD 500-700. I am not prepared to spent anything more than USD700 on a digital cable...






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Andy at Dalkey Audio Cable has an excellent 110Ohm cable.

He has an ebay shop. I have just got one made up and it is excellent. I use it between a Meridian 500 transport and a Perpetual Technologies P1A/P3A Dac. It sounds better than a silver digital interconnect.




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Do you have a website or contact for Dalkey Audio Cables? My search on the Net has yielded nothing but a few posts. I'd like to contact them about AES/EBU cables.






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Once you're all set, I would love to hear some thoughts on how the Transporter works in this context; Some say it's clearly inferior to a direct firewire connection to the computer while others claim the dual PLL's of the Weiss should even out any residual jitter from the already decent Transporter clock.


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of things. I would guess that you are going to be using the Transporter because you must have a wireless connection? If not, you will likely get better perfromance by connecting a computer directly to the Weiss via Firewire.

Secondly, do these products have a coaxial digital connection? It is quite possible that the coaxial connection will perform better than than balanced SPDIF (aes/ebu), and you have a lot of choices for affordable, and very good, coax digital cables: Stereolab XV2 Ultra, Nordost Silver Shadow, etc.



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