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Questions re sample rate and Peachtree iDecco

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Hi All,


I don't own the iDecco, but it would *seem* to satisfy many of the criteria specified for the C.A.S.H server at a very reasonable cost. The main problem, thus far, is that the more I read the more confusing it gets - given that many here have grappled with these issues, I am hoping for some simple 'yes' or 'no' answers - I realise that many of these questions will have been answered ad infinitum elsewhere, but the audiophile community seems to be one of the most argumentative on the planet, hence my request for yay or nay.


While many would baulk at the idea of using a 64GB iPod Touch as the basis for their music server, and I accept that 64GB simply wont be big enough for many here, being able to fill one with ALAC files and allow it to shuffle through my playlists at work has great appeal.


If we remove everything after the digital-to-analog conversion from the equation, my questions are as follows:


1. My collection is entirely Redbook CDs, ripped to WAV using EAC. I would convert these to ALAC on the assumption that bit depth and sample rate will remain intact. I have no reason to believe that iTunes will not transfer these to the Touch in anything other than said bit depth/sample rate - please advise if I am being too optimistic here.


2. If I do download hi-res files at a later stage, can I be similarly optimistic about iTunes ability to transfer those files without any 're-sampling' ? I read that the iPhone, for example, is limited to a given bit depth, but I would assume that this only applies to analog playback (?)


3. All playback via the iDecco will be seamless in regard to bit depth and sample rate - reading the trials and tribulations of getting 'bit-perfect' output from the C.A.S.H server's various audio cards left me wanting something simple. Its harder to imagine a simpler solution than an iPod into a single box then on to my headphones (a dedicated headphone amp may come later) : having it on my desk next to my computer would be an early Xmas present.


While I don't obsess over sample rates, it would be good to know that this is one less thing to have to consider when buying new kit.








Just one more headphone and I know I can kick this nasty little habit !

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