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Sample rate switching problem w. Ayre QB9

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I´m currently using an Ayre QB-9 with an iMac running PureMusic.


I´ve recently downloaded some High-Rez music (24/96 & 24/192) and converted it to .aiff.


The issue is the following; when switching from one sampling rate to another (ie. changing songs w. different sampling rate), the Ayre goes "mute", meaning I can see the sampling rate change on the display of the dac, but there´s no sound.


This problem persists until i shut the system down and turn it back on...


Has anyone else encountered anything similar? Would this be an issue with the Mac, the PureMusic software or the Ayre itself?


Also, for some strange reason, when the PureMusic interface is visible I can´t get a 192 signal to the Ayre (automatically downsamples to 96) but when only using itunes, the 192 shows up on the Ayre´s display.


I´m new to this, so I´m probably missing something obvious. Any input?


Kind regards,






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I'm using Snow leopard, latest version and I dont have to select sample-rates, at least with Amarra 1.2. I had some trouble initially with version 2.0, but I believe Sonic Studio fixed this. Everything from 44.1 to 192 plays sequentially. My playlists include all sample-rates, but most everything I have is .wav, not AIFF. I am not using a QB-9 either though. This may be a bug in the driver. Make sure you download the latest from Wavelength/Ayre.


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I am using an IMAC, QB-9 with Pure Music 1.65a. I am playing 16/44.1, 24/88.2 and 24/192 files and the automatic sample rate changes are working fine, no problems.


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Thanks for all comments!


Tried the old trick of resetting everything and suddenly it seems to work just fine...


Let´s see if the problem comes back....






iMac / Puremusic -> Classé CP-800 -> Pass X350.5 -> Montana XPS Signature / Montana SSW

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using the Wavelink with PM 1.65. Occasionally there is a problem, where everything is playing, and the Wavelink indicates the correct sample rate, but the audio is muted. The problem is with Pure Music, but it only happens very infrequently, usually re-starting Pure Music solves it. The Wavelink is using the same code as the QB-9, so I suspect you are experiencing the same thing as I am.

I guess this is some kind of interaction between PM and Gordon's code, that only happens under some certain conditions.


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I am using the trial version of PureMusic 1.65 and it stopped working when I played 24/96. The problem persists even after reset and reboot. Now I can't even play 16/44 tracks. Stony silence.

Interface is Weiss INT202 to Cary306. Switching to Amarra 1.2 works fine.


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