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SOLD - Auralic Vega Pristine Stereophile A+ $1500 free ship

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Perfect condition Auralic Vega S/N 62xx. . Smooth, analog sounding DAC with great bass extension.
Stereophile A+.
The Absolute Sound Editor's Choice.
Here's the Stereophile article:

Latest firmware. Selling because I upgraded to a Mytek Manhattan 2. Not sure I needed to, I almost listed the M2 instead. Didn’t because of MQA.

The Vega is an amazing sounding, great DAC. A great value.


$1500. I'll pay for US shipping

Original double box, remote, manual, etc






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Sent you a message with a few questions and my phone number. Interested!

Ethernet Direct > Passively Cooled, Fanless, Motionless HDPLEX H1.S w/ MSI H110i Pro, i5-6400T, 16GB DDR4 (powered by HDPlex 100W Linear PS > HDPlex 300W DC-ATX HIFI PS) Asynchronous USB Out > Uptone Audio Regen USB > Resonessence Labs Concero HD


Happy Listening!

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