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"The iTunes Library can not be saved. An unknown error occurred (13010)

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I was just tagging some CD rips when I got this error. I closed iTunes, rebooted and ran Disk Utility on all my drives and there were no errors. Have not seen the error again.


Can anyone explain what the "iTunes Library file" is and is there a way to check it for errors or re-build it?





Running iTunes on 10.14.1



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I get the same error message occasionally.  It sometimes goes away when I simply try to edit the same track(s) again.  If that doesn’t work, the error goes away when I simply quit and relaunch iTunes.  I never had to run Disk Utility to solve it.  


(But the Macs from which I access the iTunes library are running MacOS 10.11 and 10.13.  I have no experience with 10.14.)


The iTunes library file is the file whose extension is .itl in your iTunes folder.  It is a database containing metadata that is not stored in the music track files themselves, such as star ratings and date last played, plus all your playlists.


Here's a brief article on rebuilding the library file, but I haven’t tried it:



If the problem remains infrequent, there's no reason to believe the database is corrupted, so I recommend against rebuilding the iTunes library file.

Mac Mini (2012 i7) > HQPlayer or Audirvana > exaSound e32 > Parasound JC-1 > Thiel 3.7

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