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New mac mini

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On 5/4/2019 at 12:22 PM, Panelhead said:

  I am lost on this.

 I think Apple with add the M2 memory soon. The EVO 970 sticks have read speed rating of 3500 MB/sec. The write is around 2500. Smokes the 2.5” SSD. 

  Built a NUC with these, but been concerned how fragile the Hackintosh is. People with them are constantly changing the settings to address OS updates. Just have Windows 10 on it for now.

  I think I would replace my late 2012 Mini with a new model Mini if it was able to use the latest chips and drives. 


Maybe, but Apple tends to not change hardware configurations with MacOS that often anymore.  Given that the 2018 Mac Mini isn't even a year old yet, we might not see a substantive upgrade before 2022, or whenever Macs go to ARM chips, whichever comes first.

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