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How to install Driver Software for M2Tech EVO?

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Novice here when it comes to installing Drivers. Currently have

M2Tech EVO. Currently have Driver Folder Downloaded from M2Tech

Website. Transfered, and unzipped Files in New Folder on Desktop. Ten Files exist, a few containing aps. for hiFACE

instead of hiFACE EVO. Did I Download the wrong Folder? Searched M2Tech Website, for EVO Driver. The only thing that I

can find for Driver Download, is Windows 7 + Vista Folder. Is

this for hiFace only or EVO only? Do I select from the 10 Files

that apply to EVO only? Which Files do I apply? I am using

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit System. I am utilizing EVO only, not hiFACE. The Ten Files are as follows: dpinst, eula, HiFace,

hiface, hifntamd 64, hifntx 86, Setup 32, Setup 64, vadspdif.sys, vadspdif 64.sys. I could guess which Files to apply, but I am bound to get one or more wrong screwing up everything! I need to verify with someone who has successfully

installed an M2Tech Driver on a Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

System. How are all Ten of these Files set-up for EVO Driver Ap? Do I even have the right Files Downloaded? Some of these

Files contain pictures of the hiFace instead of the EVO. If I

have the wrong Files, where do I find the right Driver Files for the EVO only, compatable with my System, on the M2Tech Website? I have searched that Website from top to bottom. The

only thing that I can find is the Windows 7 + Vista Folder,

without any way of separating particular Files from others prior to Downloading the whole Folder. M2Tech is about as helpful as a _____ Wall, and an insult to ALL Walls!


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Huh! They are the same Driver, huh! I presume that all 10 Files

are utilized then, regardless if you are using a Windows 7

32-bit or 64-bit? M2Tech Wizard selects which Files to use, or

it utilizes all of them? Huh, huh, huh, huh! Thanks Keith! That

would have been a critical peice of info to know. Of course

anyone with any Computer experience would have figured this out, but not this Novice! Thanks again!


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