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Musical Fidelity V-DAC power supply upgrade


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I have a Musical Fidelity V-DAC and want to replace the cheap wall wart it comes with. I know Musical Fidelity sells an upgrade PSU but it is too expensive. Can anyone recommend an upgrade which is reasonably price and where I can purchase it? The wall wart specs are: I/P 120v AC 60Hz 2.4 – 45 w; O/P 12v DC 500ma Thank You


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When I ordered my V-DAC off of Amazon.com, I also purchased a Pyramid PS-3KX 12 volt power supply for an extra $16.99. It's rated at 2.5 amps continuous and 3 amps peak. I have been running the V-DAC for over a week now with no issues using the Pyramid. I have read that some V-DAC owners report that thier V-DAC and Wallwarts become hot to the touch due to the Wallwart putting out 17 volts and the V-DAC's internal voltage regulators working overtime to adjust for that. My V-DAC and Pyramid run cool to the touch. Excessive heat can shorten the life of electronics. I used a connector from an old universal power adapter to fit the V-DAC's power jack. I soldered two 18 ga. wires to the connectors pins for the V-DAC side and two banana plugs for the Pyramid side. Check Radio Shack or Walmart for a universal adapter that you can raid one of the connector that will fit the V-DAC.


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"Anyone knows of an upgrade PSU that can daisy chain the V-DAC, V-Link, & V-Amp?"



The V-PSU can daisy chain up to three components, and makes a substantial difference in performance (especially the V-Cans amp...lesser but significant improvement in the V-DAC).


I'm not aware of another PS that could daisy chain all components.


BTW - The V-Link has no external PS...just the USB bus power.


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