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Qobuz in US: When?

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Thank you for the response. I think we’ll want to purchase some downloads at the discounted price. 


I think my trial will be up soon and I’m a fan. 


I hope US launch hits or I can extend beta until it does. 

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On 1/1/2019 at 1:37 AM, left channel said:


And HNY to you! Maybe there's a way. At minimum you can listen to a lower-res Radio Paradise "Main Mix" stream using the TuneIn app on the D1. But you probably already knew that. Other than the official RP single-device web and mobile apps, LMS is the only way to get all the RP streams and get them in CD-quality FLAC, and it will serve them up on your network.

You'd need to install LMS (it's free) in a computer, add the Radio Paradise plug-in and the UPnPBridge plug-in, and then hopefully LMS will find the D1 as a UPnP player on your network. A lot will depend on Lumin's UPnP implementation, but you may be good-to-go, and could control playback from your phone or tablet.

I recommend you also install the Material Skin plug-in; it really updates the interface on both the desktop and the mobile web app. No Squeezelite needed in this case. Want to try? 




Thanks for the quick response...I think I'll give it a shot when I have some free time - Cheers!


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I got into beta today. Yay!

Software: Roon [depricated: Moode Audio (http://moodeaudio.org), Audirvana Plus+]

Digital: Ayre Codex [upgrading to Ayre QX-5 Twenty]; Oppo UDP-205; [depricated: Raspberry Pi 2 with Hifiberry Digi+];  Synology Diskstation 412+ NAS;  Tidal

Preamplification: Ayre KX-5 Twenty;  Amplification: Ayre VX-5 Twenty; Speakers: Vandersteen 5A 

Analog: Clearaudio Performance DC, Concept tonearm, Artist v2 ebony cartridge, Ayre P-5xe, Nakamichi 630 (Tuner… just for fun)

Cables: Audioquest Aspen for speakers, otherwise Anti-cables throughout (except Audioquest running from P-5xe to K-5xeMP) 

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Just signed up with hi-res streaming option. Using Audrivana+ feeding microRendu. 

Works great. Can’t tell what titles are hi-res in the A+ app without playing. 

Mac mini running Audirvana 3.2 with iOS remote - Chord 2Qute DAC - Rogue RP-1 Pre Amp 

microRedu 1.4 Hardware

Rogue Audio Atlas Magnum II tube amp Vienna Acoustics Motzart Grande SE loudspeakers

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