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Could anyone suggest a USB to Coax convertor that will work with Windows 7 and Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center?


I have read some good reviews about the M2Tech hiFace but from what I understand it wont work with Media Player or Media center.


I am really not keen on using any other player (Monkey, foobar, Winamp) as I dont like the interface for the iphone.

Many thanks



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HI Chris


Thanks for the reply.


From what I understand Media Play wont output a bit-perfect stream




But that might not be a problem with the M2 as I have notices on thier website it says


"The standard audio drivers available on the market (e.g. Microsoft Windows operating system) dictated constraints can be overcome thanks to hiFace proprietary drivers: they allow for transferring audio data, maintaining the original file quality without any loss of resolution quality; also, sampling frequency constraints are overcome, while Microsoft and ASIO drivers oblige to operate at no more than 96kHz."


I have also found out that Quicktime now allows Windows Audio Session




I am happy to use iTunes rather than Media Play with the output via an M2tech and I should be sorted.





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Hi John - Yes WMP isn't bit perfect, but this has nothing to do with the hiFace. The wording form the M2Tech website really has nothing to do with WMP either. In other words all interfaces will work with WMP, but none of them will be bit perfect.


Sure quick time may support WASAPI, but working with QT alone or QT in conjunction with iTunes is a pain when playing different sample rates.


I recommend J River Media Center. It can do everything iTunes or WMP can do and much much more. Plus, it's bit perfect.


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Hi Chris


The problem with J Rivers is the remote control functions on the iphone app are poor.


By the looks of it I have to load every album into a playlist.

I want to be able browse by artist or track name same as I can with itunes remote



I dont want to have my TV on while I am listening to music so is there any other remote device that will allow me to browse through all the music on J Rivers?


Thanks for your help




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Hi Chris


Thanks for the reply.


I have just found XBMC which does WASAPI and has a really good iPhone interface - and even better its free!


I will give that a try and if I dont get anywhere I will have a look at J Rivers.


Thanks for your help




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The actual version of Quicktime for Windows 7 / Vista does allow also to set for WASAPI out, but not matter which output driver you activate under Quicktime, Quicktime uses only the Direct Sound Output, so no Bit True and No Sample Rate Change and a additional open up a Mixer Path in the Windows Sound Menu. Even if you cant check Bit True for yourself, you can check that sample rate change will not work and also will notice, that an additional Mixer Path will open, which will not be the case, if WASAPI would work correct.




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