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Peachtree Audio Nova/Decco2 VS?

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Will really appreciate to have your input on this, I'm simply after an upgrade, from toy to a proper grown-up setup -- if I may claim!

I Believe unless I try the less-expensive options out there, I would always feel guilty for spending a lot, while more affordable options would have delivered same/similar results --do you know what I mean?

OK, to simply this further, the Peachtree Nova/Decco2 seems like a good package for a reasonable price! But is there any similar all-in-one options that could "beat" the Nova for the same price, or even "slightly" (no more than 2K) more? When I say beat, I'm somehow spontaneously inclined to imagine a more robust looking all-in-one that does not have a "hall" in the wall for sonos, ATV, etc! By offering that extra space -- albeit Signalpath's claim to be clever -- the device is acting as something that it is not! If SP are so concerned about wifi streaming why not introduce one in the package? I would have loved to see a slightly more compact Nova, as opposed to a partially hollow one.

OR, is there even a cheaper all-in-one that can achieve the "supvernova" effect, as dubbed by Chris -- to whom I'm ever so grateful btw?


Many thanks,




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Hi Roman - I know Peachtree will release the iNova in a couple months. The unit has a bunch of upgrades. Price will be around $1799.


The iNova was used at RMAF with a pair of Era D5 (really Peachtree) loudspeakers. The sound was so good for the money. Ask many people who heard the system. It was great.


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