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Article: Kevin Schmidt: We Are the Robots Exhibit Review

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The speakers are totally insane looking. Besides the art involved, they'd make an excellent acoustics or physics of sound analysis project.


Sad that it's so far away for me. I grew up in a woodworking family - my father built custom furniture, my brother was and still is a wood carver, so I have a deep appreciation for lovely wood used in lovely ways.

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Great job Mitchco!

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Ahhhh big horns! Years ago I was at the European Triode Festival and heard a similar contraption.



As long as you don't start to throw complex and fast music on them. I love the sound of Class A driven high-efficency single-drivers. But my musical tastes don't square with that: classical and death-metal mainly, the denser the better. 


Sadly that doesn't work with those kinds of speakers while a good active three-way maintains the overview they kind of leave me cold.


Is there a middle way?

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Sounds like a fun evening! Thanks for the enjoyable read.

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On 9/27/2018 at 12:25 PM, JR_Audio said:

Hi Mitch, Hi Archie. Very nice. I would have liked to join you for this event. It would have been fun, for sure. Thanks. Juergen


Hey there @JR_Audio, any time man... Let us know when you're over in this part of the world ?.


Thanks for the invite, write-up and audio work, @mitchco! Ironic that we were both ready for some "analogue goodness" with first pressing albums in hand (Beatles, ZZ Top, Gabriel, LSO...), but ended up using cell phones connected to the Alesis solid-state amp for the actual listening and those binaural recordings. Modern technology saved the day in allowing us to actually hear what those massive speakers were capable of in the treated room!


A fun afternoon and evening with audio geekiness and lovely fancy dinner with the wives. Looking forward to catching up next time, man...


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Well I am shocked. Why didn’t you play Alan Parsons, I Robot!!!


Just kidding - great review and great story. I was supposed to be in Vancouver last month but it didn’t work out. If you are ever in Calgary just PM me.

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