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Majik DS-I vs. Ayre AX7-E/QB-9?

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Hi Chris, thanks for the response. Yes, I read your reviews, and I have heard the Ayre combination. This may be hard to answer, but while the sonic signatures of each combination may be different (and therefore some may prefer one component to the other based on personal tastes), do you think they occupy a similar level in terms of overall quality? In other words, could one be termed a "step up" or "uprade" over the other?




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Both have very good quality. Your taste and room will play a big role in how you think each component sounds.


I would look at the different digital interfaces each system offers first. This may make the decision for you. If you want USB then Ayre is it. If you want UPnP over Ethernet and other digital inputs then Linn is it.


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