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Loudspeaker distortion online test

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I was browsing Linkwitz's website and came across this loudspeaker distortion listening test:


Welcome to the Listening Test!

Listening tests are conducted to assess the loudspeaker performance by investigating the influence of the stimulus, the linear and nonlinear driver parameters, the enclosure type and other characteristics on the audibility of distortion and the impact on overall sound quality.

The participants listen to two samples - a distorted and an undistorted signal – and have to decide, which of the samples is the distorted. This is a double blind forced A/B test where the participant has to make a decision even if he perceives no difference.

The audibility of a signal is determined by varying systematically the signal to find the threshold, where the signal is just perceived. The signal starts at high amplitude, each correct response leads to a decrease of the signal level by one step size (e.g. 2 dB) and each incorrect response to an increase of the signal by 3 times the step size (e.g. 6 dB).



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