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J River, FooBar, XX with NAS (Twonky) do any actually work reliably?


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Before you think I'm Ol' Grandad Smith smoking his pipe trying to get some media software working on his 486, I've been a programmer for 15 years and know when software is good or just plain bad. I feel J River is probably the most feature rich of the selection for Windows 7 etc but it's as reliable as a cadbury's flake at hanging together. I just wish there was a media player that did everything J River promised but worked reliably. Connect J River up to a NAS drive using Twonky and your family are soon to start avoiding you, your dog no longer sits are you feet, vains start popping in your forehead...welcome to software as it was back in the 90's. If anyone know of an alternative to J River please let me know, the missus and my daughter will be glad when I finally give up getting J River to work. For the J River Devs - Less time messing about with Visualisations etc and getting the basics to work and J River could acually be a winner!!! Typically feature driven technical leaderhship letting more important QA slip.


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