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Using Ipad as a remote to Control J. River Media Center - How best to do it?


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While I've been using my Dell touchscreen display to control JRMC and have been loving it (thanks for the article on that Chris), our system is in our living room and this 22" screen is not, shall we way, unobtrusive.


Also, the Ipad is such an easy and elegant device, I'm confident it can be a great remote for our system.


I'd prefer not to have to use Itunes and ALAC files for a number of reasons, but the biggest is that it's just too limiting in terms of the flexibility that FLAC brings. I'm not looking to start another Itunes vs. the world debate. This is just my personal preference.


Apps to control JRMC like Rivermote are simply not ready for prime time in my opinion. They're just not sophisticated enough yet.


I have over 2,500 albums in FLAC and would like a remote solution that gives me something controlled by an Ipad approaching the control I would have if I were using my Dell Touchscreen. Maybe I'm asking for too much, but what's wrong with trying?


I tried using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) solutions, but they're a little to difficult to operate when trying to scroll album covers up and down, etc.


So here's where I am so far. While I haven't downloaded it yet, the app Ipeng appears to be a good option for controlling a Squeezebox and I'm willing to buy a Squeezebox touch if it will allow me to use my Ipad with the flexibility I'm looking for.


The problem is that I'm using an HRT Streamer II+ (USB only) and am trying to figure out how to add the SB to my system.


Having read the excellent review of the SB Touch in the October issue of Sterophile, it appears there's a way to make the USB port on the SB output vs. input USB data.


That would then leave me with the option of either getting my data into the SB via wifi (or possibly ethernet?).


So, a few questions:


1. While, if Kalman Rubinson, the Stereophile reviewer of the SB, say that outputting from USB (with the patch) on the SB is an audiophile solution, am I looking to compromise the sound by adding the SB to my system?


2. Assuming using the SB in my system is audiophile friendly, what's the best to integrate the SB into my system?


a. I suppose I could consider using a DAC with an optical or coax input to make my system more SB friendly. I hate to make that purchase on top of everything else.


b. I've found an adaptor for converting USB to ethernet:




so I could input to the SB from my PC's USB to the SB's ethernet and than output back out of the SB's USB port (using the patch I've read about).


3. If using SB in my system is a bad idea, should I just bite the bullet for now, convert my collection with DbPoweramp and use Itunes with Itunes remote?


a. Is Itunes remote a good remote solution?


Thanks for coming along with me on the journey here. I hope my message has been clear as I realize I've included a lot of detail above. Having said that, I'm finding that the Ipad can be a wonderful tool for controlling a server based system and I'm determined to work out a solution.




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Well Chris, I'm changing my analogy. It was Gilda Radner playing "Emily Litella" on Saturday Night Live who would, after a long rant, and after being corrected about her misunderstanding would conclude by saying "never mind". After a long post (no rant), one simple app has beautifully done the trick. What's more, you had it listed on your C.A.S.H. list and I didn't look there. The app does at times have a bit of lag when switching between tracks. But, outside of that, it's fast, simple, and effective. Thank you very much for a great suggestion.




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Hi Chris,


The lag on PlugPlayer, when switching tracks (not when pausing, playing, or searching through my library) can take 10 seconds or even longer. This lag will occur regardless of whether I'm manually switching tracks, switching to another album, or even when JRMC moves automatically (gapless) from one track to the next.


Is there anything I should be looking into to resolve that issue? An incorrect setting perhaps? Something else?


Thanks again for suggesting that I use this app.


It's a lot of fun.




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Setting up my first computer based to system and leaning towards JRMC - is PlugPlayer still the best remote for iPod touch and iPad?

Wish it could use the Apple remote like MM and Foobar.


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I've got the latest version of J River running on a Windows 7 laptop. No extra server, etc., in the chain.


Will PlugPlayer control the laptop via an iPad?


If not, what is the next best option?




ps -- a "Guide" with pics and diagrams showing how to set up a bit perfect J River setup with a centralized server feeding a laptop client, all controlled via an iPad, would be a great contribution!


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Hi Brucemck2 - PlugPlayer will control music playback through J River. If you want total control of the PC you can down a remote control app that allows complete access to the desktop but I don't think these apps work good for controlling a music playback app. I use PlugPlayer frequently.


I hear you loud and clear about the guide suggestion :~)


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Hello there,


I have tried everything possible to set up my PlugPlayer on my IPad but without any success. I am not sure how to find out what my Laptop's Device URL is, assuming that is what I need to establish the connection between the two (Laptop with JRiver and IPad with PlugPlayer). As you already see form my question, I am not a computer expert. Please give me a short version of the set up process. I would appreciate it a lot.


Thank you.


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I did enable DLNA as you instructed, however, the PlugPlayer is still not seeing the MC. I am not sure what the deal is. The options I have on my PlugPlayer on my IPad are "Select a Media Renderer" and "Add a Device Manually" and "Add a CloudUPnP Server. What ever I try to do does not work. All options are asking me for user names and passwords. No idea what they mean. Pleas help me or I will have to use ITunes to play my Flac's and I am sure you don't want me to do that.


Thank you so much. Any help is going to be super appreciated.




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Hi Erasmus - I think I know what's going on. When you select the computer as a renderer does it have a little Microsoft Windows logo next to it within PlugPlayer or does it have a little J River logo next to it?


If you select the Windows logo you are trying to connect to the Windows UPnP service. This isn't what you want. Here is what I have selected on a test machine I just set up. Notice the J River logo and the Windows logo.





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I have a laptop with external hard drive connected to it. My laptop is connected to new marantz na7004 media player with USB cable. Na7004 on one end is connected to my router and on the other end to my audible illusions 3a preamp. The preamp is connected to my sonic frontiers power 3 mono blocks. I hope this will help.


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I'm a bit confused. Is your laptop directly connected to the router too?

And when you want to play music, can you select your songs directly in JRMC and would NA7004 play the songs? If you're not seeing your laptop in PlugPlayer, are you at least seeing NA7004 in PlugPlayer? Some media renderer do not show up in PlugPlayer because they are not fully DLNa compliant, e.g. my Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray player.

My suspicion is that you need to connect your laptop directly to your router, not NA7004, and then with DLNA turned on, you should be able to use PlugPlayer to control JRMC on your laptop.


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ecwl says:


"If you're not seeing your laptop in PlugPlayer, are you at least seeing NA7004 in PlugPlayer? Some media renderer do not show up in PlugPlayer because they are not fully DLNa compliant, e.g. my Oppo BDP-83 Blu-ray player.

My suspicion is that you need to connect your laptop directly to your router, not NA7004, and then with DLNA turned on, you should be able to use PlugPlayer to control JRMC on your laptop."


In other words use your NA7004 as a media server (which is how it is designed) on your network. Simply hook up your laptop into your router, hook the NA7004 to your network and then the iPad "see's" both the NA7004 and your library on your the laptop as a media server and plays whatever is on it.


Their are a number of control points you can use at this point including Kinsky, PlugPlayer, etc. Even Marantz has one though it is clunky.


It appears that you are trying to use the NA7004 as strictly a dac which kind of defeats it's purpose which is as a media renderer that can play just about anything on your computer.

Especially seeing as you are using flac which the marantz supports over the network up to 24/96.


Clean and simple.


Subsequently, you can certainly "run" your laptop from an iPad having it hooked up to your NA7004. Not sure why you'd want this method but hey...it can be done. I would recommend that only if you were trying to run a number of different programs through your system such as MOG or whatever. Even then though you can simply do that from your iPad directly to the NA7004 through AirPlay which is embedded in the NA7004.


I have a feeling that you are simply not quite utilizing the potential of the iPad, laptop, NA-7004 combo yet. Remember one simple thing, they ALL want to be on your network. When they all are it get's much easier.




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