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Article: Dutch & Dutch 8c Loudspeaker Review

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Hi @DistantQawesome and congrats! I believe I placed 4 Vibrapods on the stand which gave airflow for the fan. While the stands can handle the weight, the platform is small and I felt like they were precariously balanced. These are heavy speakers and the big depth makes them a bit awkward to handle. A stand with a larger platform may be a better fit.


Enjoy the sound! 

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Thanks man! @mitchco I think I’ll just buy the D&D stands then- can’t seem to find any others that fit the bill. 

Another question - I have an Apollo X8 interface with optical out - which I understand I can convert to AES with this: 



if I use the optical out on the X8 - will I still be able to control the volume with the x8 knob?


My current monitors only have analogue inputs - but I’d like to avoid the Apollo converters with the 8cs. Not sure what the best approach is.



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