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Article: Dutch & Dutch 8c Loudspeaker Review

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12 hours ago, mitchco said:

Great review by @Kal Rubinson and measurements by @John_Atkinson at Stereophile for the 8c! Excellent to see a good correlation of both subjective listening and objective measurements when reading both articles. This speaks to the robustness of @mensink design and engineering acumen that results in a neutral sounding package regardless of set up and room . . .


Thank you. As well as the flat response and time-optimized performance, the aspect of the 8c that most impressed me was the superbly well-controlled lateral dispersion. See fig.3 at https://www.stereophile.com/content/dutch-dutch-8c-active-loudspeaker-system-measurements


John Atkinson

Technical Editor, Stereophile

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