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Linux as a music platform


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I have been running J River Media 15 & Windows 7 for several months. I must say that JRM is an outstanding music and video application. Most of my listening is via FM Radio, online radio and from recorded cd's.


JRM has been a marvelous improvement over iTunes in regards to sound quality. I must admit that I had some difficulty getting JRM configured properly due to my lack of computer capabilities. Once I had JRM up and running, I decided to give Linux a try. I downloaded Ubuntu 10.04 a few months ago and after several attempts, got it up and running



I am presently running ALSA drivers with a music application called - Guayadeque. So far, this setup has provided superior sound quality to JRM /Windows 7. I am guessing that Linux is the reason for the improved sound quality. Truly miss JRM and would like to see them come out with a Linus version but don't see how this would prove to be a financial benefit for JRM.


Still using JRM with Windows XP on my desktop computer to rip flac files.


Hopefully other music lovers will give Linux a try.




Bill[br]Old HP Laptop. Benchmark HDR DAC1, McIntosh MC-275 (Treasure KT88Z tubes), McIntosh MR-71 tuner, Rogers Studio Monitor II speakers. Denon AH-D7000 headphones.

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