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Issues with XLD & Sample Manager


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Hi all,


I recently purchased Audiofile Engineering's Sample Manager (3.2.2) and found some issues using it to batch process rips created by XLD (123.1). Sample Manager cannot open Apple Lossless or FLAC files, so it seems the only meta-data preserving format available to it is AIFF. The 16/44 AIFFs output by XLD register a variety of problems in Sample Manager that can be analyzed and repaired, however the repairs cannot be executed in a batch--defeating the purpose of using Sample Manager to a certain extent. The AIFFs output by Max (0.9.1) register no errors. I will now be headed back to Max for some operations after having mostly been using XLD lately.


Does anyone know of any other meta-data friendly formats accepted by Sample Manager?






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Try sending the input and output files to the developer of XLD.


I once had a problem which turned out to be corruption in the original file. I sent the files to the XLD developer, and he responded promptly with an analysis.


If you found a bug in the program, he may be able to fix it. If it's a bug in one of the conversion libraries used by XLD, at least he can pass the info along to the developer of that library.


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