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Pro-ject Box Design


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Anyone have any experience with Pro-ject's new(ish) Box series? There's a USB DAC (only 16/44, but that's enough for me), Preamp, Stereo Power Amp (2x20/30w @ 4/8 ohms), Mono Amp (28/40w @ 8/4 ohms), tuner, iPod dock, etc. etc.


I've ordered the DAC ($169) and am interested in the preamp/amp combo. Not much info online other than a WhatHiFi review (mediocre review from a less than mediocre magazine). Was hoping to get some insight before dropping the cash.


Link - http://project-audio.com/main.php?info=boxdesign&cat=boxes&lang=en


itunes alac > mac mini > pro-ject usb box > pro-ject pre box > pro-ject amp box > totem rainmaker

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