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annoying itunes problem

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got a problem that i cannot overcome on itunes

i control my mac mini on an ipad using remote

all softwares and apps are up to date

the problem is when i select the album from the librarythe following happens

i only get the artwork if i select the first track first

i only get artwork on the first track ,any other track no artwork just a musical note , all album infos are ok


this didnt happen in the old version of remote for ipod on ipad

this happens on the ipod and the ipad now

this happened on the ipod and ipad old version if i didnt select the first track first but if i did then all tracks had artwork


dont know what is wrong as i have my system set up to a t ,just missing artwork

could someone help please




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How did you add artwork? Did you use iTunes automatated feature or did you manually add to your tracks? If the latter, did you only add the artwork to the first track in the album or to all tracks?


I'm not sure if the remote app is using the embeded artwork for the track or the "Album Art" reference. Most of my ablum art is embeded in the individual tracks. There have been instances where the artwork didn't update instantly. It took a few seconds, but eventually the musical note was replaced with the album art.


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