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new lap top , where to start?

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hi guys, my old HP 2630ea came to an end the other day and i need to replace it. it ran windows vista and windows media centre which was great running through my hi fi and telly.

now i would like to replace it with another entertainment lap top but would also like it to sound nice (im a vinyl man at heart)so i was wondering if anyone could recommend a decent budget lap top package , or would it be better to build one from scratch?


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If I were in your shoes, I'll first make sure I'm not getting a laptop for the sake of getting a laptop.


Computers now come in all shapes and sizes these days. I'm pretty sure a small, cute-looking solution can be had if its sole purpose is to play beautiful music in your home.


Do look up the Mini-ITX form factor and the CAPS/CASH list on this website for ideas!


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I don't mean this to start a pc/mac thing although certainly there are a lot of macs in the audio scene. Apple just updated their macbook air's the other day and they are quite compelling. I'm excited to hear some concrete reports of how they sound, but they would appear on the face of it to be a great computer source (solid state drives, can be run off battery, designed to be silent and sip power). Might be worth a look.


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